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What is it?

What is it?

The Digital Library of Catalonia (BDC) is the name that defines both the electronic information jointly licensed by the members of CBUC and the open access repositories containing data generated by the member institutions of the Consortium.

Licensed e- resources / restricted access
Licensing CBUC began in 1999 and in February 2012 the BDC offers access to the following resources of electronic information licensed to commercial publishers:

  • 16.500 e-journals
  • 15.700 e-books
  • 48 databases

These electronic resources are selected according to criteria of common interest to the members of the CBUC. These include both aspects of improving access and economic conditions. The aim is to provide all university members and researchers in Catalonia, with a core of interdisciplinary electronic information, regardless of their place of work.

Journals, books and databases of the BDC are searchable through library members websites.

Access to these resources is restricted to the members of the CBUC and they are available from any authorized point of the net, by means of IP address control.

In order to make a global seach including all e- resources of the BDC just use metabuscador.

Own electronic information / open access
Though some years ago some initiatives as the table of contents database and local databases created by Catalan academic institutions had already started, in 1999 a second line of the BDC was set up and in March 2009 we have the following repositories and databases with own contents:

Access to these resources is open to everybody.

BDC is sponsored by the Departament d'Innovació, Universitats i Empresa of the Catalan government.