Improving libraries through cooperation

What is it?


In its working plan for 1999 CBUC intended to: ‘Start, together with the training staff of the member institutions, a training program for the librarians’.

The aims of this training program are:

  • To organize high specialization courses, delivered by professionals with renown professional prestige, often from countries which are a model of reference for our libraries, so that they can contribute with their organizational models and innovative experiences of quality.
  • To use the training actions as an instrument of change in the attitude thanks to the exchange of information and experiences among people doing similar tasks in different institutions.

Courses are addressed to the CBUC libraries’ staff and they usually are 1 to 3 days long, with an average of 3 courses per year.

The list of over 40 courses organized by CBUC since 1999 is: 99-12 CBUC training


CBUC translations program began in 2001 with the aim of supporting the permanent training of the libraries members’ staff by means of the translation into Catalan of articles from the international professional literature.

From 4 to 6 articles per year describing trends interesting and/or experiences are selected to be disseminated between the CBUC institutions’ staff. Most of the selected articles are in English, although might also be included documents in other languages.

In these years CBUC has commissioned the translation of more than 50 documents (with the permission of the original author) and has carried out five calls for translators (2001, 2003, 2007, 2009 and 2012). The translators must be working in a CBUC member library.

We have created, with the original authors’ and translators’ permission, the “Traduccions del CBUC” collection in the RECERCAT repository, which allows open access to nearly all the translations. It can be searched at: