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What is it?

What is it?

GEPA is a cooperative repository, its objectives are:

  • To save and preserve low use documents, ensuring their future access when needed.
  • To convert room for books into room for library users.
  • And doing it saving both money and space.

Which institutions are involved?

  • GEPA is open to all CBUC libraries, plus others that are previously approved by the CBUC management bodies.
  • The project is funded by CBUC, and Catalonia's Ministry of Economy and Culture.

Which documents can be stored there?

  • Non fundamental materials
  • Duplicate copies
  • Unused or rarely used materials
  • Documents that we believe that someday will be useful, or that a copy must be preserved.

What is done with the documents?

  • GEPA provides environmental and safety conditions for the storage of documents.
  • GEPA guarantees their preservation and future accessibility.
  • Documents are kept maximizing the storage capacity of the facility.

Is it possible to check the documents out?

  • Through the local or the collective catalogue.
  • Requesting electronic copies and/or photocopies.
  • Accessing the originals at GEPA or through the libraries.

How are documents used?

  • Query of documents can be ordered via the information desks at libraries.
  • Applications are processed within 24 hours from their receipt at GEPA.
  • Also in person at GEPA facilites in Lleida.