Improving libraries through cooperation
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What is it?

What is it?


The mission of the Consortium of Academic Libraries of Catalonia (CBUC) is to improve library services through cooperation.


The CBUC is composed of the following institutions:

CBUC Members

Associated Members


The first activity of the CBUC was to create the Collective Catalogue of the Universities of Catalonia (CCUC). Shortly afterwards the Consortium considered that it would be feasible and beneficial to organize an interlibrary loan program. The positive results of these two initial programs led the Consortium to venture into new activities (joint purchases of equipment, training, benchmarking...), and to draw up of the project for the Digital Library of Catalonia.

Structure and Functioning

The CBUC was set up in late 1996 as a public body with its own legal status. It is composed of a Governing Council, an Executive Committee, a Technical Committee, a Technical Office and Working Groups.

The Governing Council is composed of two representatives of each member institution, the Executive Committee regulates the functioning of the CBUC, and the Technical Committee - composed of the directors of the Libraries - examines the proposals for action and monitors their progress. The CBUC has a Technical Office composed of seven persons who coordinate and implement the annual working plan. The basis of the programs of the CBUC are the Working Groups. These are composed of experts from the libraries who meet regularly or on an ad hoc basis according to the needs.


55% of the CBUC's budget is provided by the contributions of the Catalan university administration, 38% by contributions of the members of the Consortium and the remaining 7% is covered by income from services provided to libraries that are not members of the CBUC. Some specific projects of the Consortium - in particular the Digital Library - receive special funding from the university administration.